12 Best Gundam Series to Watch (2023)

12 Best Gundam Series to Watch (1)

The gigantic anime robots called ‘Gundam’ have become a craze worldwide. If you’re under the spell of Gundam series, you’ve come to the right page! This Entertainism article gives you a list of 12 best Gundam series that you should watch.

Did you Know?

The tall 18-feet statue of Gundam robot is one of the main tourist attractions of Tokyo.

The Gundam series is an ever-growing fad in Japan, that has enthralled millions of viewers around the world. It is a science fiction media franchise created by Sunrise. Gundam is the name given to giant robots depicted in a military war setting. The stories are set up in a futuristic environment and the series are divided across timelines; namely, Universal Century, Future Century, After Colony, After War, Correct Century, Cosmic Era, Anno Domini, and Advanced Generation. The different series may or may not have a reference with each other, and can be watched independently. The first Gundam series called Mobile Suit Gundam was broadcasted in 1979.

The series have been adapted for television, OVAs, and movies. Some of them are based on novels and mangas too. While there are many worth mentioning, we have enlisted some of the most popular ones. Fans may have their personal favorites which are not a part of our list.

Mobile Suit Gundam

Television Series
Protagonists: Amuro Ray, Char Aznable, Lalah Sune

The first series is set up in the Universal Century, and features the war between the Earth Federation and the Zeons. In this futuristic world, humans have also inhabited space colonies and Zeon is planning to invade the Earth Federation. Amuro Ray, a teenager has to assume the responsibility to pilot a gigantic robot, to protect the Federation. Char Aznable is the primary antagonist.

IMDb rating – 8.1/10

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam

Television Series
Protagonists: Amuro Ray, Char Aznable, Kamille Bidan

One of the most popular Gundam series, it showcases the war between the Titans and AEUG (Anti Earth Union Group) after the end of the One Year War. Titans are a military force made by the Earth Federation to protect themselves from the space colonies. However, with growing misuse of their power, the AEUG is born to oppose them. Meanwhile, Kamille, a 17-year old who hates the Titans joins the AEUG. Axis Zeon’s leader Haman Karn is also a strong opponent to face.

IMDb rating – 8.4/10

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

Television Series, OVA
Protagonists: Heero Yuy, Duo Maxwell, Quatre Raberba Winner, Chang Wufei, Trowa Barton, Relena Peacecraft

In the futuristic world, humans have started colonizing the space and have formed the United Earth Sphere Alliance, that misuses their power. Gundam Wing is the story of five teenaged boys who have been trained to become Gundam pilots by five scientists, to revolt against this oppression. They’re sent from different space colonies to combat the OZ (Organization of the Zodiac). Though unaware of each others’ identity at the start, the five teenagers ultimately join hands to achieve their common goal. Also a part of the story, is Relena, a rich girl from a family which is into politics. She supports peace. Though her brush-off with Heero is on a rough note, she has a romantic relationship with him. In some incidents, Heero is seen protecting her. She is trapped between her love interest and the OZ.

IMDb rating – 8.4/10

Mobile Suit Gundam Seed

Television series
Protagonists: Kira Yamato, Athrun Zala, Lacus Clyne

The entire series is set in the cosmic era. Kira is a coordinator (genetically advanced human being residing in space) in the Heliopolis Space colony. The ZAFT (Zodiac Alliance of Freedom Treaty), a military organization in the Cosmic Era timeline, plots to kidnap the mobile suits of the Earth Alliance and invades Heliopolis. In a turn of events, Kira is compelled to become a pilot to the last mobile suit Strike, in order to protect his friends. Meanwhile, he also discovers that his buddy Athrun is a member of the hijacking team. Tragically, Kira and Athrun have to wage a war against each other, despite being childhood friends.

IMDb rating – 8.1/10

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny

Television series
Protagonist: Shinn Asuka

This series is set up in the time two years after the original Seed series. Seemingly, the war between the naturals and the coordinators appears to be pacified, but one of the alliances attacks during a ZAFT meeting and hijacks three of their Gundams. It is up to Shinn Asuka, the captain of the battleship Minerva, to retrieve them. On the other hand, a space colony is on the verge of collapsing on Earth. There is a misconception that the ZAFT has ordered the space colony to be crashed. And this makes way for a war. Also, the Archangels are again raising their head, to influence the increasing conflict.

IMDb rating – 7.1/10

Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack

Protagonists: Char Aznable, Amuro Ray

Set in the Universal Century, this movie highlights the rivalry between Amuro and Char. Char comes out of his hiding, and with his Neo-Zeon Army, is planning an invasion on the Earth’s Federation in order to seek revenge and avenge Lalah’s death. Amuro Ray is sent with his team Londo Bell to prevent this attack and catch hold of Char. Char and Amuro finally get to settle their scores. The movie ends on a note where the audience are left to think if Londo Bell will be successful in preventing the asteroid from exploding on Earth before it’s too late.

IMDb rating – 7.3/10

Mobile Suit Gundam 00

Television Series
Protagonist: Setsuna F. Seiei

It has been divided into two series. In the background, it is indicated that all fossil fuels on Earth have been exhausted and the entire human race is dependent on solar energy. However, the use of solar energy is under the control of three organizations that are misusing their power for their own benefit. To counterattack them, a group called Celestial Being develops mobile suits called Gundams. In the end of Season 1, they are not successful in their attempt.

In Season 2, the Federation forms an independent group called A-Laws to check on peace and eliminate any groups creating chaos. Even they misuse their power and Celestial Being starts an uprising so as to stop the corruption of A-Laws and bring peace.

IMDb rating – 8.2/10

Turn a Gundam (∀ Gundam)

Television Series
Protagonist: Loran Cehack

This Gundam series is set up in the Correct Century, where humans have inhabited the moon and hope for their return to Earth. However, the Moonrace plans to come back on the planet through a Gundam in disguise of White Doll. Loran is a Moonrace residing on Earth, and assumes the responsibility of the pilot of White Doll to protect Earth from the rogue organizations that are thwarting attempts to have peace negotiations between the Moonrace and the inhabitants of Earth.

IMDb rating – 7.6/10

Mobile Fighter G Gundam

Television Series
Protagonist: Domon Kasshu

It has been set in the Future Century wherein humans have settled in space colonies and as an alternative to space wars, have decided to settle their political differences by contesting with Gundams. This tournament is to be held every four years with the winner getting to rule the colonies for that period. While Domon Kasshu is one of the competitors, he also has a personal mission of catching hold of his brother who has tarnished his family by stealing a Gundam.

IMDb rating – 7.6/10

Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn

Protagonists: Banagher Links, Audrey Burne

This story revolves around Banagher Links, a normal teenager living in the space colony, unaware of his father’s identity. He happens to save a girl named Audrey Burne, and later discovers that the leader of the Vist Foundation is his father. As the story progresses, he learns about the secrets of the Laplace’s Box (a box that is considered to be capable of destroying Earth Federation, and the existence and true powers of which are known to only a few).

IMDb rating – 8.6/10

Mobile Suit Victory Gundam

Television Series
Protagonist: Uso Ewin

It has a melancholy element wherein the main protagonists are forced into war and are plotted to battle against their own friends. The plot of Victory Gundam is quite similar to this. Uso Ewin is a teenager leading a good life in a European town on Earth. In a series of events, the weakening of Earth Federation by the Zanscare Empire drags Uso Ewin into the war.

IMDb rating – 7.2/10

Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory

Protagonists: Kou Uraki, Anavel Gato, Nina Purpleton

Set in the Universal Century, this series features the war between the Earth Federation Space Force and the Zeons. The Zeons have stolen a prototype Gundam developed by the Anaheim Electronics. However, the primary objective of Operation Stardust of the Zeons is to break the peace and invade Earth. It’s up to the Federation’s pilot Kou Uraki, to save Earth from the Zeons.

IMDb rating – 8/10

The Gundams have always given us loads of entertainment and continue to do so, with the series getting better with passing time and advancing technology. It is popular in not just Japan, but other parts of the world too. As of 2014, it has grossed 80 billion yen.

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