17 Graduation Sheet Cakes: Design Ideas, Baking, Decoration (2023)

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Graduation occurs only a couple of times in a person’s lifetime; therefore, it’s natural that the person who graduates wants to commemorate this day with a celebration. The graduation party can be celebrated in various ways, like being at the graduate’s house, renting a location for the event, or throwing a private dinner for the graduate’s closest relatives and friends.

No matter what sort of celebration you want to honor the graduate, a cake is a must. In the following article, you will find the most unique and attractive ideas for various Graduation Sheet Cakes, suitable for celebrating a high school or college graduation.

17 Graduation Sheet Cakes Ideas

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Here are 17 best, some unique, simply gorgeous, one-layer classics to different elegant shapesSheet cake ideas for graduationthat you can set at your upcoming graduation gathering. These 17 interestingsheet cake graduation ideasreveal the graduation concept.

1. Red Velvet Sheet Cake

17 Graduation Sheet Cakes: Design Ideas, Baking, Decoration (1)

Red velvet is a queen of flavorful dessert cake. It is enough to fulfill your party’s demands on any occasion. Buttermilk’s thin concentration, cocoa’s chocolaty flavor, vinegar, and cream cheese frosting will present you with this incredible flavor cake.

You can add clove, cinnamon, and ginger for a classic touch-up and warm taste. Red velvet’s red elegant look is traditionally popular. You can add cheery or fruit toppings per bite of your red velvet sheet cake.

2. Coconut Sheet Cake

17 Graduation Sheet Cakes: Design Ideas, Baking, Decoration (2)

Coconut sheet cake consists a unique flavor. Coconut can make a great combination with other tropical fruits. You can add different fruit flavors to enrich your coconut cake’s flavor. Coconut’s creamy, nutty, sweet flavor makes your cake light and fluffy with an incredible taste and smell.

3. Virgin Pina Colada Sheet Cake

17 Graduation Sheet Cakes: Design Ideas, Baking, Decoration (3)
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Pina colada is a great combined version of pineapple and coconut. Its virgin flavor is suitable for all; even kids will like this. Coconut cream, pineapple juice, egg whites, and powdered sugar create a unique flavored cake.

Whipped topping on the softy texture cake and colorful crispy toasted coconut can raise its taste and look more.

4. Lemonade Sheet Cake

17 Graduation Sheet Cakes: Design Ideas, Baking, Decoration (4)

A flappy lemonade sheet cake with white and yellow whipped topping is a wise option to celebrate your graduation party. Fresh lemon juice flavor and properly creamed butter will ensure your lemonade cake’s fluffiness with fantastic taste and softness.

You can decorate this cake topping with a convocation hat or other candy tool.

5. Summer Berry Sheet Cake

17 Graduation Sheet Cakes: Design Ideas, Baking, Decoration (5)

Summer berry cake is sweet berry flavored and has soft textures, making it one of the best sheet cakes. White, red, and blue- all types of berry topping mixed cake and adding lemon-vanilla paired will return you to a triple flavored unique taste and look. Properly mixed cake flour, including butter and sugar, will raise your cake’s sponginess and fluffiness.

6. Stencil Decorated Cake

17 Graduation Sheet Cakes: Design Ideas, Baking, Decoration (6)

Stencil-decorated cakes are most easy cakes to make at home. Your suddenly planned party or gathering can be more memorable with this cake. Choose your favorite fancy designs, and then put on your soft, smooth, whipped-toped sheet cake and colorful chocolaty sprinkles. (Kindly, before using stencils on your cake, dry them properly)

7. Pink Carnation Cake

17 Graduation Sheet Cakes: Design Ideas, Baking, Decoration (7)

Pink is a playful, nurturing, and nostalgic color. A pink carnation cake with attractive eye decoration can make your event special. Vanilla flavor and creamy butter’s perfect batter, not over or less mixed on a sheet pan, will result in an ideal cake. Then whip your cake with pink whipped cream and decorate it with candy tools.

8. Vanilla Sheet Cake

17 Graduation Sheet Cakes: Design Ideas, Baking, Decoration (8)

Vanilla sheet cake is one of the easiest soft and most commonly liked flavors. It would be best if you adequately mixed your creamy butter batter. Add vanilla flavor, sugar, baking soda, and powder. All will return you a spongy smooth, soft sheet cake.

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Then add whipped toppings. And decorate with colorful sprinkles and design flowers with lemon or yellow cream.

9. Unicorn Sheet Cake

17 Graduation Sheet Cakes: Design Ideas, Baking, Decoration (9)

Rather than usual sheet cakes, unicorn sheet cakes are the most interesting ones. This magical cake with a graduation concept decoration can be an excellent option.

You can make a regular soft sheet cake as you make it. But remember, until your cake cool perfectly, don’t do the frosting. Then, use candy or plastic unicorn and convocation hat shapes to decorate your cake.

10. Cheery-Nut Sheet Cake

17 Graduation Sheet Cakes: Design Ideas, Baking, Decoration (10)

Cheery and nut’s great pairing gives a unique taste to this cake. Your usual cake batter demands a touch of cherry flavor to make this incredible taste.

Again, a nutty whipped cream embraces this cake. You can add other fruit toppings or raw cherries to the cake as toppings.

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11. Funfetti Sheet Cake

17 Graduation Sheet Cakes: Design Ideas, Baking, Decoration (11)

Funfeeti seems like a cake of colorful sprinkles. Cake flour, butter, baking powder, almond extract, and vanilla flavor- all properly mixed batter will introduce you to a soft sponge sheet cake.

This cake’s taste, heaviness, and sponginess depend on your buttercream concentration. Now you can decorate your vanilla buttercream cake with colorful rainbow sprinkles.

12. Yellow Cake

17 Graduation Sheet Cakes: Design Ideas, Baking, Decoration (12)

Yellow cake is a vanilla-flavored cake with an extra egg, including the yolk. You can make a flavorful sheet cake with extra creamy butter.

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Then frost the cake with heavy cream and cut it into graduation year numbers. Decorate the cake with sprinkles, candies, or chocolates.

13. Éclair Sheet Cake

17 Graduation Sheet Cakes: Design Ideas, Baking, Decoration (13)

French traditional non-bake dessert cake is éclair cake. This cake can be a worthy option to celebrate your graduation gathering. This pastry cake is filled with a sweetie pastry cream, pudding mix, and graham crackers.

Its unique taste and textures can easily influence you to give it the top place on your gathering’s dessert menu.

14. Candy Land Cake

17 Graduation Sheet Cakes: Design Ideas, Baking, Decoration (14)

Candy and cake’s excellent partnership creates a wonderful gorgeous candy land cake. This colorful cake consists of a tasty sugary sweetened lot of candies, marshmallows, and meringues on its top. You can choose what candies you want to set on your cake.

But as you are here for graduation sheet cakes, then it would be best if you choose a candy land total theme according to your graduation concept.

15. Banana Pudding Cheesecake

17 Graduation Sheet Cakes: Design Ideas, Baking, Decoration (15)

A banana pudding cheesecake refers to a classy dessert that can serve at any elegant gathering. It ranks among the top graduation sheet cakes.

However, this cake never lets you or your guests down. Banana pudding and cheese custard superb cross make this delicious cake. You can add some fruit toppings that will help its look more gorgeous.

16. Chocolate Sheet Cake

17 Graduation Sheet Cakes: Design Ideas, Baking, Decoration (16)

One of the best and favorite sheet cakes are chocolate flavor cake. Your cocoa partner and to assist it other typical cake ingredients such as cake flour, salt, sugar, butter, eggs, vanilla, buttermilk, and baking soda- all perfectly comes out in a yummy chocolate cake.

At last, you can raise their look better with sprinkles, fruits, candies, or chocolates.

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17. Checkerboard Cake

17 Graduation Sheet Cakes: Design Ideas, Baking, Decoration (17)

Checkerboard cake is a unique and classic design. Choose two flavors (lemon-vanilla, chocolate-vanilla, and other) and two plain sheet cakes particularly. Then one by one, layers attach and give the design of the checkerboard.

Now, you need to whip the basic top by two flavors like a checkerboard. Next, keep a Chocolaty shaped player on your checkerboard cake.

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How Many People Does a Sheet Cake Feed?

A ½ sheet cake pan usually is about 11 by 15 inches, and you can easily serve 18 to 40 guests. This size is great for a sudden plan, home, or office gathering.
A full sheet cake pan’s general size is about 18 by 24 inches, which is perfectly fine to serve 48 to 96 people. This site is a fabulous option for any grand event or large gathering.

What Do You Say on a Graduation Cake?

Suppose you plan to surprise or congratulate your friend on his graduation completion. Then a graduation cake with a message is one of the best choices. “Giving blessings message, Congratulations, and mentioning grad year or wishing him mentioning his nickname” – such few words can melt your newly graduated friend.

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Final Verdict

In order to make your graduation a more joyful and memorable experience, I have made the best graduation sheet cakes ideas on the above. Having one of these cakes at your graduation party will be a memorable way to celebrate your accomplishment and set your party apart from others.

From red velvet to checkerboard, all options are suitable for all ages. Not only graduation parties, but you can also try them at your upcoming events.

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