Hotels in Dalhousie: Best Budget Dalhousie Hotels from ₹1302 (2023)

In the heart of Himachal falls Dalhousie, one of the most visited tourist places in Himachal Pradesh. The place has a historical backdrop of the British Raj therefore one can find a flashback of that era. Located in district Chamba the hill station is situated at the Western end of the Dhauladhar range of mountains. The mesmerizing hill station is named after its founder Lord Dalhousie, British Governor General in India.

With several Victorian-style mansions, Scottish architecture and other charming colonial buildings, this hill station will take you back in time. The town takes you to pollution free weather in the lap of nature. Surrounded by snow-capped mountains the town is spread over 14 sq. km. Very popular amongst honeymooners the place includes five hills namely Balun, Bakrota, Tehra, Patreyn and Kathlog.

OYO hotels in Dalhousie

There are a number of hotels situated in Dalhousie but OYO is becoming the best survivor in the business day by day. OYO’s hotel rooms are sometimes affordable and sometimes quite lavish and luxurious. So according to your budget, you can choose a room from the wide variety of hotel rooms established by OYO. Some hotels are situated at the prime location. The hotels here are basically categorized into three groups. They are OYO Rooms, OYO Premium hotels and OYO Capital O hotels. We will discuss the features of these hotels now.

OYO Rooms hotels in Dalhousie

These hotels are extremely affordable. The price is quite low but the quality and comfort are intact. If you are searching for a room in a budget-friendly price and also don’t want to compromise with basic requirements, then you can select one of these. OYO will look after your comfort as they will provide essential amenities at a low cost. You can plan your vacation and accordingly select a proper area. The OYO Rooms are located in different places of Dalhousie. Some of these places are- The White Orchid in Banikhet Market, Barah Pathar Khajjiar Road, near Khajjiar Ground, Bathri, Baloon Cantt Road, near Tagore Chowk, Dalhousie Cantt, Moti Tiba, Pukhari in Banikhet, Kaphla, near Bus Stand, near Rock Garden in Devi Dehra and many other places in Dalhousie.

OYO Premium hotels in Dalhousie

The premium hotels are relatively costly as they are offering premium amenities. The hotels have a luxurious environment. Most of these OYO hotels are situated in Prime Location. For the lavishness of the hotels and the rooms, the cost is higher. If you are ready to spend a little more to enjoy great facilities, then OYO Premium hotels are most suitable for you. The hotels are located near Banikhet Toll Plaza and in Dalhousie. The locations and the amenities are the main factors which have made staying at these premium hotels more special.

OYO Capital O hotels in Dalhousie

Capital O hotels are important for their spacious rooms. Big rooms are ideal for business travellers. If you are travelling with your family, then also Capital O hotels are best choice of you. Huge rooms are perfect for accommodation of more than one or two persons. Not only the rooms but other premium amenities are provided by the hotel authority. The hotels are luxurious and lavish in nature.

OYO hotels are providing a wide range of amenities for their guests. The amenities depend on the price and category of the hotels. Some basic facilities are- parking, free wi-fi, card payment. The rooms have AC, TV and sometimes room heaters. In the washrooms you will find geyser for hot water and bathtub for a good bath. Some hotels offer complimentary breakfast when some have in house restaurants you can order from. Apart from these other facilities include swimming pool, elevator, conference room. Some hotels have power back up service. For security purpose the hotels are under CCTV surveillance for 24X7.

Places to Visit in Dalhousie

Dalhousie is famous for its sensational and charming beauty. A tour to Dalhousie is only perfect when you visit Dainkund Peak, the view from here is breathtaking. A walk along side of Chamera Lake is a treat to soul. Panchpula counts to be the best picnic spot in Dalhousie with boat rides and waterfall and streams running by.

Kalatop and Satdhara also are on the list of must-visit places in Dalhousie because of the scenic view they offer. Then come the religious places which include Chamunda Devi Temple and Laxmi Narayan Temple. This is not the end, a stroll on the Garam Sadak is a must to cherish the beauty of Dalhousie. Dalhousie is filled with such pretty places to visit.

Best time to Visit Dalhousie

Dalhousie is an anytime visit tourist place or hill station. The weather here is always pleasant and visit worthy. The place has something to offer to its visitors in every season. You should plan your visit according to what you want to explore in Dalhousie. The summer season which extends from March to May and has pleasant weather with a temperature maximum of 30-35 degree Celsius. This season is best for visitors if they want to do sightseeing and outdoor activities.

Take nature walks and cherish the beauty of hills. June to September which is usually the monsoon season is also a good time to visit Dalhousie. The place experiences mild showers. The town seems beautiful and has a romantic vibe to it with the lush green forests. This is the best season for honeymooners as the place is not very crowded in this season.

While October and November might not be that chilly, the time period between December and February which constitute the winter season of Dalhousie is quite cold. Since the place is at a high altitude, the temperature is low. It ranges from 10 degree Celsius and can sometimes go down below zero degrees as well. However, if you love to play in the snow, then winters are the ideal time to visit Dalhousie. Also, some hoteliers offer attractive discounts on accommodation during this lean season.

Hotels in Dalhousie

As Dalhousie is counted as the most visited hill station in Himachal Pradesh tourists can easily find budgeted accommodation around the city. OYO offers the best deal for a comfortable and affordable stay while being one of the best budget hotels in Dalhousie. We have budget hotels in Dalhousie near Mall Road. Likewise, OYO Rooms is a perfect option for those wanting to stay at hotels which provide services like 5 star hotels in Khajjir, one of the most popular spot in Dalhousie.

Be a part of Dalhousie’s peaceful and pollution-free life by staying at the OYO budget which will give you comfort equal to 4 star hotels in Dalhousie. Look for the best hotels in Dalhousie near Gandhi Chowk. OYO Premium is one of Dalhousie’s finest luxury hotels which will give you comfort like five star hotels in Dalhousie and four star hotels in Dalhousie. Get pampered home style by staying at the hotels which will comfort you like 3 star hotels in Dalhousie near the posh tourist areas such as Mall Road, Gandhi Chowk, and Love Street. If you are looking for a comfortable stay with modern amenities, there are large numbers of hotels offering a variety of accommodations from budget hotels to the most lavish properties.

OYO Rooms is dedicated to outstanding service and hospitality making it ideal budget hotels in Dalhousie. Explore the famous tourist attractions by staying at the economic hotels in Dalhousie with easy connectivity by road. OYO Rooms, India’s Largest Branded Network of Hotels offers a varied range of hotels in Dalhousie. OYO Rooms provide numerous amenities options at hotels in our hotel amenities section. OYO also offers long stay options for those who are looking for hotels in Dalhousie for a longer duration within a budget. Deluxe hotels in Dalhousie are available for international and business travellers.

Best hotels in Dalhousie with tariff are available on our website to find the hotel which suits your budget. Dalhousie is also known for adventure sports and trekking. Contact details of hotels in Dalhousie are easily available once you book a hotel. You can also contact hotels or find information by calling on our helpline number or contacting our OYO Captain. Hotels in Dalhousie for honeymoons are easily available with the OYO welcomes couples filter. The hotels provide many facilities like swimming pool, bar, banquet hall, conference room etc.

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